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▼Heart Chakra candle

▼Heart Chakra brings Love + Compassion 

▼Green Aventurine removeable keepsake adorns the top

▼Scented with a loving blend of Rose, Jasmine, Sandalwood

A complete Heart Chakra healing experience.

Our candle helps you heal and balance your chakra through-

➖Crystal Healing

➖Scent Therapy 

➖Color Therapy- meditate while gazing at the color pyramid

 ▼The Chakra Candles are slightly lighter scented than our regular candles. They are formulated to enhance your healing and meditative experience. 

▼▼Organic Punk candles are unique because-
▼They're Vegan
▼Made from pesticide and GMO free soy beans grown by American Farmers
▼Scented using natural essential oils and fragrance extracts (No carcinogens)
▼They are dye free
Handmade in small batches with healing intentions
▼▼Shipping is a flat $6! 


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