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Sale! GOLD TITANIUM QUARTZ: Rock Candy Necklace

$10.00 $23.00

▼Gold Titanium Quartz Rock Candy Necklace

▼These stones are Clear Quartz that is then plated with Gold Titanium.

▼1.5mm antique brass ball chain is available in 18" or 30" long.

▼Stones range in size from approx. .75-1.25" with smaller stones being on shorter necklace and larger stones being on longer necklace

▼Clear Quartz is a spiritual stone helping you to open up to the divine. It is helpful in tapping into your intuition and to assist in meditation. The addition of Gold Titanium brings strength, power & abundance making this necklace a powerhouse for those that want to take control of their life and make shit happen!

▼All stones are created by the earth and therefore are unique and may vary in shape from the picture