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CRYSTAL GRID SET: Empowering + Energizing

CRYSTAL GRID SET: Empowering + Energizing


Crystal grid set

▼This crystal grid set stimulates your sacral chakra. It evokes empowering + energizing vibes. 


1 Clear Quartz Point 

6 Orange Calcite

4 Peach Quartz

2 Carnelian

2 Clear Quartz Point 

▼What is crystal gridding? Crystal Grids are made by placing stones stones in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing energy toward a goal. The stones are then charged by your intention and energy. Crystal Grids can be used for many purposes or manifestations. They can be small or big. Just a few stones or hundreds! Anyone can use Crystal Grids. You do not have to construct elaborate grids or use elaborate rituals. I do not believe there is one “right” way of making a grid. One should be intuitive and creative. The only real “rule” in making grids is that our intent be clear. 

▼You will receive complete instructions on how to use your crystals

▼This listing is for crystals only. Crystal Grid Cloth sold separately 

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