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AMETHYST: 2 in 1 Choker/Bracelet


▼Amethyst 2 in 1 Choker/Bracelet 

▼Wear it is a choker or a bracelet! Chain is 14" long and can be clasped onto itself at any point

▼Please select from Gunmetal or Antique Brass chain

▼ Amethyst is a calming stone. Great for overcoming nervousness & for helping you sleep.. put it under your pillow! It assists in healing and transformation and has been used for centuries to help overcome addictions and assist In changing thought patterns that no longer serve you

▼Comes packaged in a black Organic Punk box

▼All stones are created by the earth and therefore are unique and may vary in shape from the picture

▼If you are using your crystals for their healing qualities you need to keep their energy strong + pure! I carry Palo Santo and a variety of Sage that will do the job. They can be found in the Rituals section